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Winter is coming, so the nine museums in Ghent are getting ready for Museum Night. It started once as an idea to wander through galleries after the working hours but soon it became a yearly tradition. Looking forward to an artistic, musical night provided with special food and drinks in the museums? Write down 4 December in your agenda! 

It is definitely going to be a splendid night full of art, cultural happenings and a big after party in Vooruit Café to end the wonderful night as it should. From 18 p.m. onwards, all museums open their doors and everyone can freely enter. If you want to plan your visit ahead, go on and follow the facebook page “Museumnacht” or via the facebook event.


You can easily go from one museum to another by bike or by foot (although it will be cold, we’re still in Belgium). If you want to keep your fingers and toes from freezing, there will be a special night bus service until 1 p.m., just look for buses N1, N4 and N24 which follow the tram lines 1, 4 and 24. The Museum Night plan will be available on every location. If you get lost, ask someone where to go or tune on as we’ll tell you what and where in our Museum Night live show on the radio.





SMAKJan Hoetplein 2


“Hurt Hurtfulness”. SMAK is taken over by the sculptures and drawings of Berlinde De Bruyckere, a world renowned artist from Ghent. This solo-exposition displays over a hundred masterpieces previously not shown in Belgium: fabric sculptures and installations with horse bodies are installed next to wax sculptures. The central focus of this expo is “Cripplewood” (2013-‘14), the monumental installation shown at the Biennale in Venice in 2013.  “Golden guides” will be at your service to answer all your questions. In the entrance hall, dj Gerard Herman takes care of the good vibes such an exposition deserves.



MSK, Fernand Scribedreef 1


“Love Letters in War and Peace”, Mona Hatum, Close Quarters. The museum will be filled with love, newly discovered, hidden, passionate, committed and forbidden love. Love stories are revived through paintings, films, photos and also letters. The workshop “First Aid for Writing Love Letters” urges you to take up the pen instead of sending a snap chat or text message to your love interest.



DE WERELD VAN KINASint-Pietersplein 14


“As easy as blowing a whistle”. Maybe you won’t understand a thing. But one thing is for sure, during Museum Night Kina has an open door policy. In the bird’s hall, they will all be whistling in the dark. A lesser thing would make you happy in a cold December night. Listen closely, “Blow the whistle”, step into the world of Kina and wander whistling into the night.



SINT PIETERSABDIJSint-Pietersplein 9


“In My Head”. Carll Kneut and Wouter Deprez live. Carll Cneut invites you to his work place and tells all about his passion for making illustrations to (children’s) books. Wouter Deprez, on the other hand will get into the Carll’s head and relate everything that is going on in Carll’s capricious imagination. In the meantime Carll Cneut will draw the things that Wouter Deprez makes up on the spot. To respect the tradition of the Cneut family, take a seat at the large table and have a cup of delicious soup or table beer with tasteful sandwiches.



STAM, Godshuizenlaan 2


“MINI – MAXI”. In STAM you can currently visit the exhibition “Maquettes. Imagination on Scale”, an ode to the maquette as object. As scale is essential in the design of many toys, STAM displays mini and maxi versions of well-known games. If you always wanted to play MAXI-chess or MINI-ping pong, and either version of kubb, yenga, twister or mikado, then here’s the place. Off course, the sore losers pay the winners a mini or maxi drink at the bar: a shot or half a liter, it’s entirely up to you. 



DESIGN MUSEUM GENTJan Breydelstraat 5


“Lightopia”. The Design Museum will be radiating with light. The designers group Unaffordable from Ghent repairs broken things, so just bring your old bureau lamp and they are going to make it beam as before. “Gent Kunst!” encourages young designers to develop their ideas in the 18-century dated interiors in Hotel de Coninck. Above all, wintry bar “Wonderlicht” serves drinks and finger food that spice up the night.





“The Sound of Piep”. You’ll hear grumbling, squeaking, cracking and sighing sounds in Huis van Alijn, which proudly presents the opening of a new exhibition featuring toys that make some kind of noise. Aifoon collects sounds of the toys, the museum and its visitors and the night. Field recordings and soundscapes are transformed into dance beats with a whistling Snow White, hurling teddy bears and the clinking–Ketsjing!–of cocktails. KASK-students are in charge of composing a perfect remix as an ode to sounds (and silence). 



MIAT,  Minnemeers 9


“Interesting Immigration”. Don’t be scared by the incredibly loud sounds of old textile machines, which remind you of what the MIAT museum used to be: a textile factory. During the sixties, the first Listen to their heart-rendering testimonies and experience the (hi)story of 50 years of immigration workers. Cheerful sounds come from everywhere while Ghent’s most iconic music group, de Propere Fanfare van de Vieze Gasten performs. RestoBAR Charlie provides your empty stomach with a typically Ghentish dish, made with irons from the museum collection. In short, there will be a whole lot of spectacular things going on in the garden of the museum!



MUSEUM Dr. GUISLAINJozef Guislainstraat 43


“Dark Chambers. On Melancholy and Depression”. This exhibition explores the notion of melancholy throughout the centuries, but also sheds a light on its contemporary form, depression. Musical therapists fill the museum with melancholy and euphoric sounds and voices. Try the four temperament drinks and discover your mood.






This year, Eva Mouton and Stef Cuypers took care of the graphic design of the Museum Night campaign. Just like you, they wandered off into the night and came up with a design from ‘the dark side of the moon’. The Museum Night maps, with a poster on the back side, will be available in every museum.




OPENING GENT KUNST (formerly known as the Ghent Art Week), Oude Vismijn – Entrance via Jan Breydelstraat


From 4 to 7 December, Gent Kunst puts the contemporary art scene on display. The grand opening of the accompanying exhibition “Club Social” and pop-up store by galleries will take place during Museum Night. Kunstwerkt organizes a trade market in Zebrastraat where you can exchange things you designed yourself with other DIY-people. On Sunday, there’s Gent Matinee which means that you can both visit artist work places and galleries.